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What is BPM?

An overview of Business Process Management solutions

Business Process Management (BPM) consists in optimizing your business while keeping focus on customer satisfaction and market trends. Companies adopting BPM are more efficient in adapting to changing requirements and have a higher effectiveness in creating value.

BPM solutions make it possibile for all stakeholders to take part in the process lifecycle. Managers, Business Analysts, Developers and Users are involved in planning, creating, using and improving the processes.  edorasbpm brings together all these actors, supporting their efforts in the least obstrusive way, supporting your work easily.

Business Process Management solutions

BPM Software solutions vary across the market and fall in two main categories:

  • BPM integrated suites, which bring together several tools to offer a complete system which you complement integrating your business logic through external webservices. Most “big names” fall into this category, some suites are so complete they offer everything out of the box. But when it comes to integrating your existing software, you will have to provide webservices or SOAP interfaces to them. Most solutions in this category have a long history and are made of several components, resulting in “fat” suites

  • BPM programmable suites, which allow you to code right into the BPM to integrate with your existing codebase, at the expense of lower usability.

Both approaches have their appeal: while the former offers a lot of out-of-the-box functionality and easy interfaces, at the expense of ease of integration and speed, the latter allows you to code and integrate into your application, with extra development costs and lower usability.

edorasbpm brings the best of these two approaches together: while it is possible to model an entire process without coding, it can integrate right-into your J2EE application, making integration and extension a snap! Business Analysts can work side-by-side with developers, keeping the business logic at a non-technical level.

An added benefit is that edorasbpm embeds into your application, thus reducing the overall complexity of your process definitions: since it accesses directly the user base, transactions, isolation, security of your application, the processes do not need to contain compensation paths (up to 30% simpler processes) and no extra concerns arise (security tokens do not need to leave the application). Find out more in our architecture page.